About PREP Academy

We're on a mission to provide African Nova Scotian students with access to decisions.

The PREP Academy is a non-profit community based organization that inspires and prepares African Nova Scotian high school students for college, university and beyond. Our programs and services help students, parents, guardians and proxies access resources and information while receiving support navigating college and university processes.

Our Purpose

We want to influence social and economic impact within the historic African Nova Scotian communities by increasing the number of students who are prepared for, and complete college and university.

Who We Serve

The PREP Academy is dedicated to serving Indigenous African Nova Scotian students who were born in Nova Scotia, or have parents or grandparents who were born in Nova Scotia. We serve a specific demographic of students who make up and represent the historical roots of African Nova Scotians in the province.

This map indicates many of the traditional and present-day African Nova Scotian communities. To participate in PREP programs students will be required to self-identify.

PREP Values & Behaviours

We are approaching education in a different way.

  • We drive individual excellence
  • We are committed to creating the unordinary
  • We educate and empower students towards lifelong learning

We cannot move alone, it takes a village.

  • We centre our community in everything we do
  • We unite and collaborate to advance community
  • We build a sense of community and belonging for our students

We know who we are here to serve. It’s all about the stories and experiences of our students.

  • We are grounded in our history and our roots
  • We culivate intentional and quality relationships
  • We stay true to create opportinities and enact change

Our Origin Story

The PREP Academy was founded in 2021 by Ashley Hill, an African Nova Scotian and first generation university graduate who wanted to change the trajectory for future Black students.

As the first person on either side of her family to graduate from university – it was a big adjustment and cultural shock, classes were filled with students who didn’t look like her. After her first semester, Ashley received a letter from the University notifying her that she was on academic probation. She was later dismissed after her first year.

Looking back on her journey, she imagined what could have been if there was a support system in place. How different could the transition from high school to university have been? She needed someone to guide her through the transition from high school to university and to stick with her as she navigated campus life.

It didn’t exist, so she created PREP Academy!

  • Whose job it was to guide Black students through the often-overwhelming post-secondary process? What about the students who don’t even make it through the door?
  • Who is ensuring African Nova Scotian students not only have access to the information, but can sift through it all and sense-make?

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