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2022 Essay Contest — What in the world would Adam Smith say?

Adam Smith (1723-1790), widely known as the father of modern economics, placed markets at the center of the political economy (i.e., the study of how a country is managed or governed, taking into account both political and economic factors). Drawing on Smith’s 1776 book, An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations, construct an essay that takes Smith’s thoughts and extrapolates them to a current or recent episode in history, OR a current Canadian policy issue.

Submission and Application Details

While constructing your essay, you may choose to consider one of the following:

What would Adam Smith say about government responses to the COVID-19 pandemic?
What would Adam Smith say about the state of markets today? What would he change?
Would Smith agree or disagree with the recent rise of protectionism?
What would Adam Smith think about trade tariffs?
How would Smith explain why some nations are poor while others are rich?
What would Smith say about the future of automation in the workplace?
Consider a current Canadian policy issue (e.g. minimum wage, consumer regulations, etc.) and discuss what Smith would think about it. Would he agree or disagree with this policy?

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